Internal Change


You may feel Lost and unfulfilled, Not Sure What You Want, although something different or more.

You don’t feel Motivated. Life feels a bit meaningless. You feel flat or ineffective, without Purpose. You start to lose a sense of your self.

You may lack a sense of direction and feel Stuck, Don’t Know how to move forward. You feel Uncertain or confused about what to do next.

You’re in an in-between place, without a vision of what’s next or a sense of path. You feel unanchored or disempowered.


You may think you know what you want but feel Scared about Making the Changes you need to make and your capacity to make them. You think the risk might be too high and want to feel sure.

You may be Procrastinating, have potential ideas and thoughts but lack the focus and drive to achieve them. You feel Resistant or conflicted around taking the next steps and put-off doing things, then feel bad about being Unproductive.

You feel like you don’t follow things through, are pulled in different directions and can’t seem to stick at things. Your Inner Critic is hard on you.


You may feel stressed or Anxious, Negative or cyclical thoughts and feelings disrupt you. You feel defensive, Emotional and react negatively. You lack a sense of Calm and Ease. 

Small things feel like big challenges and you start to be hard on yourself. You withdraw from social situations and relationships, feel disconnected and shut down. You Feel Bad About Yourself and find it hard to be yourself.

You may feel like you’re not on top of things and feel overwhelmed, everything feels too much. You compare yourself to others and worry about what they think. You feel like you’re not good enough.


Awareness Project Self Life Coaching


  • Acknowledgement: of what is and what you want to make space for
  • Self-knowledge, understanding and appreciation of own system
  • Fresh perspective, position and mind set
  • Insight into choice points
  • Letting go of what is no longer needed
Project Self Life Coaching - now Life


  • Acceptance: meeting yourself with self compassion
  • Ease and empowerment from being as you are
  • Capacity and flexibility to change state
  • Sense of wellbeing, resilience and being resourced
  • Self-leadership and self-responsibility
Project Self Life Coaching - Masquerading


  • Autonomy: expressing self and moving forward
  • Reduced weight of the unattended
  • Sense of aspiration, direction and vision
  • Realise potential to live as you want
  • Meeting the world with open-heart and clear mind