Coaching Supervision For Coaches

I coach coaches and offer coaching supervision.

My Approach:

Each coach’s approach is unique to them. I focus on the authentic person within a coach’s professional practice:

  • How who you are shows up in your work;
  • The relationship between the personal and professional;
  • What may be holding you back or where you are getting in your own way;
  • Supporting you to develop your own coaching approach/style

I believe that focusing on what ‘shows up’ in us through our coaching practice and relationship with clients creates a self awareness that is the foundation of coaching efficacy. I work closely with the parts of a coach that ‘get in the way’ of coaching presence and ease and to support confidence in intuitive knowing. I have a particular interest in supporting coaches who are working to integrate different modalities within their practice, those developing their practice and those wanting to deepen their own personal development work.

Diploma Coaching Supervision (EMCC) 2016, Diploma Personal Transformational Coaching Animas. Internal Family Systems Supervision training. I have experience and training in multiple coaching and therapy models, particularly Somatic and Systemic Coaching, Polyvagal theory and Internal Family Systems. I am trauma informed.

Supervision Costs: blocks of 3 sessions at £225 (£75 p/hr). Please contact me to discuss your interest in Supervision. 

What is Supervision?

  • Supervision is a safe, non-judgemental, confidential space to explore whatever impacts on, or arises in, your practice and in your client relationships. It supports you whilst you support others.
  • It focuses on three areas: professional, developmental and personal, through the facilitation of three key mechanisms; feedback, support and challenge.
  • Supervision is primarily an enabling process which enhances the value of your work though further developing your awareness and skills.
  • The process illuminates what might otherwise stay hidden in your work, surpassing what individual self-reflection is able to affect.
  • We work together to establish trust and transparency to reflect on your experiences, challenges and processes and allow difficult issues and underlying emotions to be resolved.

What is Coaching Supervision?

  • a collaborative conversation using the 7-eyed supervision model as a framework to ensure variety in focus;
  • all aspects of your practice, not just presentation of case/clients or difficulties and issues
  • a non-hierarchical model of supervisor as facilitator not ‘expert’ assessing your work in your field;
  • supports exploration rather than prescription;
  • an expansive approach to supervision.

Why have Supervision?

  • assurance you are developing your practice to your full potential;
  • ensures you are working to the highest standards;
  • affirmation that you are serving your clients to the best of your ability;
  • reinforcement of your strengths and focus on areas you may want to develop;
  • resolves the underlying and unattended;
  • ensures you don’t get stuck with clients or in your approach;
  • insight into the psychodynamics of relationships;
  • different models, techniques and theories;
  • wider awareness and greater insight into yourself and your actions;
  • challenge, fresh perspective and creative input;
  • greater revitalisation and confidence in your work.

What Supervisees say