Life Coaching and Internal Change

As a transformational life coach, I enable people to move through overwhelm, uncertainty and personal challenges. Sometimes we may feel stuck, lost or unfulfilled and want to make changes but find it hard to know how.

Life coaching usually focuses on performance and goals and what we think we need to do to be happy. Specialising in Internal Change, I focus on your inner experience, ways of being and emotional world.

Internal Change

We often get caught up in internal struggle in how we experience life and ourselves. Our problems are not with the world, but how we relate to the world. How we respond to things externally depends on how we relate to ourselves internally.

We all feel a lack of motivation, resistance, procrastination and avoidance; a lack of purpose and meaning at some point. We all try silently to manage our mindset and emotions; a vicious inner critic, negative thinking, frustration, fear, anxiety and vulnerability. Sometimes we feel a sense of disconnection, low self-esteem and depression. We all find difficulty in making decisions, establishing boundaries, creating good relationships, getting a work life balance and an emotional level at times in our lives. We want more from and for ourselves. I will meet you in those times and guide you through. Read more about internal change.

The Coaching Process

Coaching is about enabling you to have a different kind of conversation with yourself. Would you like to feel more confident in yourself, with a sense of direction and clarity? Would you like to be able to go through life feeling calmer and more resilient, with a sense of ease, integrity and self acceptance? I will listen closely to you and we will explore together how you relate to yourself and how you would like to be. This self-exploration creates a depth of self awareness which changes how you see yourself. This change in perspective creates clarity, lightness and new experience. Read about the coaching process.

About Me

I have been a life coach since 2014 and work with a range of coaching and therapy approaches which I have benefited from myself in my own self development. As a coach you can expect me to be non-judgmental, intuitive, insightful, warm, calm and direct. Read more about me