The Coaching Process

Internal change life coaching works by guiding you through your own internal processes. We hold patterns of reactivity. Different parts of us sometimes feel and want opposing things. We manage ourselves through constriction, protective mechanisms or contracts, which safeguard our fears and hurts. This “way of being” determines how we interrelate and interpret the outside world. To use the phrase “getting out of your own way”, coaching offers insight about ourselves and a change in perspective which opens us to alternative ways of being.

Internal change coaching is about your experience of the world, through your internal reality. We explore your system, including your emotional flow and flux, the wisdom of your body and your thoughts; the powerhouse of narrative. Tuning your awareness means you can attend to and respond to your own system with greater ease, freeing yourself up to move into spaces of choice and possibility.

We work together to:

  • Explore: awareness of what may be holding you back; unfolding struggle and conflict, resistance, negative self-beliefs, self-talk, stories and ‘should’ standards
  • Establish: clarity, ground, safety, regulation, resilience and self-kindness; which parts of you need acknowledgment, understanding triggers, nervous system and mind/body connection
  • Expand: into lightness; illuminating what matters, aspirations, your values, inherent knowing, self-trust, choiceful response, possibility and movement.

As a life coach I am a co-explorer, moving between compassion and challenge, whilst holding you beyond judgment. I am an accredited transformational coach and an Internal Family Systems practitioner (parts work).
My therapeutic and creative approach draws on a range of different models, particularly Polyvagal Theory (nervous system, safety and fear), Systemic (mapping) and Somatic and Embodiment (mind/body). I am trauma informed.