Project Self Data Privacy Policy

Data Collection and Processing

  1. The only personal data I store electronically is individuals’ name, phone and email address with their consent
  2. I say what that information will be used for
  3. I provide easy to unsubscribe opt out of any general communication, which provides my business details.

I collect Data in five ways:

  1. Communication

As a client, I ask for contact details (individual name, email and mobile phone number) as part of our contract for coaching so I can communicate with you.

This information is stored in my Contacts list on my computer which is password protected.

  1. Marketing & Information Mailing List

I input client’s name and email address into Mailchimp which is the system I use to send all clients any general information about my coaching service which includes my articles (blog).

A client, interested party or potential client (following a consultation call), is given the option to opt into Marketing & Information at point of contact. Where someone has made contact but has not become a client I seek permission to maintain their contact details.

  1. Client Session Records

I keep handwritten notes in individual exercise books of client sessions. These are stored in a locked case. At the end of our contract they are archived in storage for seven years (a requirement of my insurance). After that period they will be destroyed and contact details deleted.

  1. Subscription (Marketing & Information Mailing List)

As above (Marketing & Information Mailing List) anyone may subscribe to Project Self information through the website. Their name and email goes directly into Mailchimp for general marketing about Project Self and I do not add their information to a Contacts list.

  1. Cookies

The ProjectSelf website uses cookies which enables Google Analytics which I use to generally, not individually, profile website visitors.

I do not pass on or share any information to third parties. No sensitive data is stored and no information from client sessions such as health history is gathered or profiled outside of individual client records.

Your Rights re Data Privacy

You have the right to opt out of general marketing & information communication and anyone who has opted in for Marketing & Information may unsubscribe at any time.

You can ask me to send to the CSV file of your contact details. You have the right to request your contact information be updated. Clients have the right to request a copy of their session notes

Antonia Clews May 2018