Antonia Clews, Project Self Coaching

Welcome to Project Self change coaching

I’m a coach working in Frome and Bath and via Skype. I’ll guide you through a process of self-exploration to bring about change in how you feel in yourself and about your life. I specialise in working with people who want to be more true to themselves. Antonia
Change how you see yourself and your life will change.
Change how you see your life and you will change.

What Clients Say:

“I have experienced real life change with Antonia’s clear direction” Helen

“I finished the sessions with a clearer sense of my own identity and abilities, and a clearer sense of direction for the future” Gary

“I have left feeling supported and much lighter and happier, often with a clarity and purpose that was lacking previously” Marc

“These sessions have given me confidence to move forward in my life” Nic

What is coaching?

Change coaching works through exploring your perspective, mind set, thoughts and behaviour patterns to:

  • clarify what you want for your self and from life
  • develop your sense of purpose and direction
  • give you stronger self-belief and open up potential
Project Self is founded on three principles to bring about personal change ..
  • We can be our own project; a creative, challenging and rewarding venture. We change through focusing on our self, not just putting our energies into external projects.

  • We can project, or move forward and outward into the world with conviction and an intention to be our self.

  • We can imagine our self as being in a different story and make that story our reality. We can be our own adventure.