On Lack of Direction

Transitions or thresholds often bring uncertainty and so we have to navigate the feeling of not knowing: what’s going to happen, where we are going or what to do next. We put so much emphasis on needing to know in order to feel secure and in control, yet there’s so much we don’t know. If we are able to find a way to accept that, we will feel less stress. Aloneness and sadness often arises at the time of transition.

When we feel lost, we experience a kind of un-tethering from connection and belonging, both to ourselves and to what’s around us. It’s a kind of in-between place where we may not have the sense of path, map or horizon to find our way to some place else. We may also lack motivation, a sense of purpose, inspiration or aspiration. We may feel unfulfilled or stuck and lacking direction.

We may lose trust in our sense of knowing, feel discomfort in our lack of ability to commit, make decisions and set intentions for ourselves. We may lose our internal compass, our centre and sometimes the sense of our true identity.

On Struggling - Project Self Life Coaching

On Struggling

It’s often said we don’t know what someone is struggling with, or battling with and that everyone has their own personal struggle of some kind. Clients often bring something, an issue or problem they are ‘struggling’ with. What do we mean when we say we are struggling with something? That something is hard, challenging or difficult to resolve? That we are coping with a sense of inability to do something ‘well’? That we are trying to make something happen and it’s not? That we are tangled in something and can’t find a way through because we don’t know what to…
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On Finding Movement in Stuckness- Project Self Life Coaching

On Finding Movement in Stuckness

Feeling stuck is a common experience and yet there are different energies within stuckness, so it’s important to explore in depth what someone means when they describe themselves as stuck. We generally have three choices when it comes to a situation. Move away from it, towards it or to stay where we are (standing still). Moving away can be either backing away – withdrawing or contracting  – or heading away and leaving proactively. Towards can be in gentle, welcome invitation and curiosity, or pushing into/against. Staying where we are can bring different emotions depending on our attitude to the position.…
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ON LIVING IN A TROUBLING TIME - Project Self Life Coaching

On Living in a Troubling Time

We all feel the uncertainty; we are living within something that is unpredictable and indefinite in terms of the impact on our lives. It’s important that we take care of ourselves by acknowledging how we are affected by the culture that surrounds us. As we approach the season of drawing into the home, we are already challenged with our world perhaps feeling smaller or limited. Of life feeling flat. We are living through a period of constriction and lack of connection and isolation which has altered the felt experience of everyday life.  Not just in restricted freedom of movement and…
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On Blowing Things Out - Project Self Life Coaching

On Blowing Things Out

What do you when you don’t want to follow up on a plan or arrangement because you no longer feel like it? Do you feel like a flaky and non committal person? How do you feel about pre-existing commitments when you find you’re in a low energy, low mood?  When you don’t feel up to, or for, the things you thought you would? When you feel contracted, collapsed, strung out, miserable or maybe triggered or upset by someone or something and so feel disinterest, resistance or resentment towards the things you were going to do? Plans you made when you…
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ON NOT KNOWING WHAT YOU WANT - Project Self Life Coaching

On Not Knowing What You Want

Not knowing what we want seems to be a common experience and to cause discomfort. Why is the question “What do you want?” so difficult to answer when it’s focused on you and your life? It’s an alarmingly spacious inquiry, full of invitation and possibility, a what if? whilst simultaneously requiring definition and self-knowledge. There’s a strong polarity in this seemingly simple query. It’s a challenging question. It puts you on the spot. It’s asking you for clarity. And the kind of clarity that comes from the heart. It asks you to dig deep and to name simply.  The question assumes: we…
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On Living Lonely - Project Self Life Coaching

On Living Lonely

Alone and loneliness are one-ness. It is just us. And the rest of the world. Even though the rest of the world is made up of us; this pain of separation can become more defining of our sense of self than the concept of unity, universality, humanity and the experience of connection. A great paradox of living is being free and seeking to be tethered. By tethering I mean moored, secured, bonded to someone, something; to be with, in or part of other. To fit. To be known. We seek to be seen by others to see ourselves. We need…
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On Feeling Resistance - Project Self Life Coaching

On Feeling Resistance

Resistance is a common response to change. We all feel some ambivalence towards change. Basically, resistance is trying to avoid uncomfortable feelings that don’t go away. It’s a little bit like knowing the truth, pretending we don’t but eventually acceding to it. It’s a time-delaying tactic until we are ready. A self-protecting, avoidant, coping strategy. And it’s entirely natural and normal. There is nothing wrong with anyone being resistant in the same way as there is nothing wrong with feeling fear. When we are resistant we are unconsciously avoiding the painful, challenging thing we don’t want to face, rather than…
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On Feeling Uncertain - Project Self Life Coaching

On Feeling Uncertain

There are some things in life that are certain. Death. Change. And Uncertainty. Uncertainty is integral to change as we transition through states and experiences. It is a vital, transformational territory we have to navigate. Uncertainty in effect is a state of questioning. What will happen? How will I cope? How long will it last? Questions without definitive answers. Questions without definitive answers tend to make us anxious and uncomfortable because how can we make decisions without answers? How can we be certain we’ve made the right choice if we don’t know? Our brains are wired to keep us safe.…
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ON LIVING WITHOUT PURPOSE - Project Self Life Coaching

On Living Without Purpose

Do you know what Your Purpose in life is? No? Me neither. Do you have a sense of what your calling is, your gift, your raison d’etre, what you are meant to do with your life? No? Me neither. Does it matter that you don’t know? No. Is there a sense that we should? Yes. You don’t need to know what Your Purpose is, or Your Passion, to lead a fulfilling life. There can be an inherent pressure in life through society, culture and parental ‘encouragement’ which becomes evident from childhood, that we should know what we want to do.…
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On Loss, Pain and Lostness - Project Self Life Coaching

On Loss, Pain and Lostness

Loss is the state of being deprived of, or of being without something that we once had. It’s a natural part of the cycle of change. Loss is integral to growth. Loss is also the sense of something we haven’t had in our life, where our needs haven’t been met. Where we are growing, but with the sense of absence. There is also a kind of natural loss where we lose interest, that which was so meaningful loses it’s value. We can’t maintain the keeping. We cannot keep a growing stack of treasures; collect more and more. That which is…
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