We can become divorced from our own physical feelings, from the relationship between mind and body. We get stuck in trying to find the right answer in our rational mind. We think the better answer is to figure something out by solving it as a problem with the ‘correct’ solution, coming from a place of considered analysis.

What does it feel like when the answer is ‘Yes’. And when the answer is ‘No’.

We need to enable ourselves to understand and read our ‘emotional barometer’, to help us trust ourselves, to give us a measure.

Our instinctive response to a situation and our physiological reaction describes our answer to a situation to us, if we become more attuned to it.

In other words, we know when something feels right for us or not; we feel the answer. But often we talk ourselves into or out of something in our head.

Sometimes, for the the right reasons, such as putting someone else’s needs first. Many people can find it difficult to say ‘No’, despite the fact that they don’t want to do something. In doing what we should, rather than want to do, or choosing what we think is ‘right’, we are also choosing to override our instinctive barometer and ignoring what our body often tells us.