On Finding Movement in Stuckness- Project Self Life Coaching

On Finding Movement in Stuckness

Feeling stuck is a common experience and yet there are different energies within stuckness, so it’s important to explore in depth what someone means when they describe themselves as stuck. We generally have three choices when it comes to a situation. Move away from it, towards it or to stay where we are (standing still). Moving away can be either backing away – withdrawing or contracting  – or heading away and leaving proactively. Towards can be in gentle, welcome invitation and curiosity, or pushing into/against. Staying where we are can bring different emotions depending on our attitude to the position.…
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ON LETTING GO - Project Self Life Coaching

On Letting Go

Most of us understand the importance of letting go to move on. But often there’s a sense that letting go is as simple as letting a fish swim out of your hand into a river, or a balloon into the air – release, of returning things to their natural order – of lightness, letting things be. But it requires focus and effort. It can be an emotional wrench. To relinquish is to voluntarily cease to keep or claim. To cease a claim on something that isn’t actually ours. Are we trying to keep the fish in hand against its will?…
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