Growing in confidence

On Building Confidence

What is confidence? Confidence is both a state of being and the steps we take to connect and participate in the world. We want to be in an “ I am” and  “I can” state rather than ‘I have to and I don’t think I can’,  or ‘I can’t’ states.  Confidence is primarily the relationship we have with ourselves, it’s not simply a mind set believing in one’s capacity and power, it’s from within. I describe feeling confident as a sense of being quietly comfortable with who we are and the capacity to stay connected to ourself, which creates a…
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On Self Compassion - Project Self Life Coaching

On Self Compassion

What’s the most significant relationship in your life? It’s the relationship you have with yourself. We have a continuous and inescapable relationship with our self. And it’s the most fundamental relationship in our adult life. But our relationship with our self can flux and suffer. It needs appreciation, attention and investment like any other. The self is our personal experience of our aliveness in the world. Our relationship with how we experience our living of life, our beingness. Our ‘simple self’ is our essential capacity to enjoy being our self as is. This is our inherent value and worth, contribution…
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