On Feeling Resourced

Feeling resourced is essential to developing resilience. As Rick Hanson says “a fundamental model in psychology and medicine says that a person’s course — over a day or a year or a lifetime—is determined by just two factors: issues (challenges and vulnerabilities) and resources. As issues increase, so must resources as well.”  Resourcing is often overlooked as a vital step before we can move forward. Our nervous system needs to orient to and register safety, to shift into a state of connection instead of protection. Safety is our sense of feeling connected to something other, aligned with or attuned to…
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On Questioning - Project Self Life Coaching

On Questioning

Coaching is fundamentally based on the skill of asking questions. The power of coaching lies in being able to ask the right kind of question at the right time. This can clarify, trigger, challenge or reveal; but results in a fundamental shift in mindset or position for the client. Curiosity, exploration, reflection and enquiry creates insight and discovery. The question itself can be quite simple, but its power lies in pertinence. Someone asking us a question prompts us to question our self and to hear our answer out loud, which we may already know at a deeper level, but may…
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