On Feeling Grounded- Project Self Life Coaching

On Feeling Grounded

What does it mean to be Grounded? The traditional definition of someone being grounded is that they are well-balanced and sensible. The implication is that they remain level-headed despite a context or circumstances which could carry them away, such as great wealth or success which may go to their head, or that they don’t flap in a crisis. They keep a sense of proportion, remain in touch with reality and with themselves and see things in perspective. Grounded people ‘keep their feet on the ground’ and so are down to earth. In more spiritual terms or in self-development language the…
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On Letting Go of Stuff - Project Self Life Coaching

On Letting Go of Stuff

“One day I looked around me and realised there was no room for me in that room. I was surrounded by stuff”. I coached someone recently on what was stopping them clearing out some of their belongings, when they knew they had too much ‘stuff’. As is often the case in coaching, my client’s situation mirrored something pertinent to my own life. I have been clearing out some of my own belongings in preparation for moving house. It’s an emotional, challenging but ultimately liberating experience. A hoard of childhood mementos, photographs of old drinking buddies, collections of found and interesting…
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