Decision Making

We can’t make decisions easily when we are struggling to find clarity or when we feel anxious and confused as we get all caught up in over thinking about making the right choice or knowing what’s right. We can often get stuck in indecisiveness.

On Finding Movement in Stuckness- Project Self Life Coaching

On Finding Movement in Stuckness

Feeling stuck is a common experience and yet there are different energies within stuckness, so it’s important to explore in depth what someone means when they describe themselves as stuck. We generally have three choices when it comes to a situation. Move away from it, towards it or to stay where we are (standing still). Moving away can be either backing away – withdrawing or contracting  – or heading away and leaving proactively. Towards can be in gentle, welcome invitation and curiosity, or pushing into/against. Staying where we are can bring different emotions depending on our attitude to the position.…
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On Blowing Things Out - Project Self Life Coaching

On Blowing Things Out

What do you when you don’t want to follow up on a plan or arrangement because you no longer feel like it? Do you feel like a flaky and non committal person? How do you feel about pre-existing commitments when you find you’re in a low energy, low mood?  When you don’t feel up to, or for, the things you thought you would? When you feel contracted, collapsed, strung out, miserable or maybe triggered or upset by someone or something and so feel disinterest, resistance or resentment towards the things you were going to do? Plans you made when you…
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On Slowing Down - Project Self Life Coaching

On Slowing Down

This is the second part of a piece reflecting on time. Wasting Time explored the link between values of achievement and the need to be busy, rushing and filling time. Slowing down time is about developing our capacity to be still, find pauses, value moments and appreciate time by being present; being in time not working against it. Slowing down time is about slowing ourselves down. We can create a sense of time and space for ourselves; only through deliberate choices about our relationship with time. Manage time by saying no to an unnecessary sense of obligation. Be mindful and realistic…
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On Making Decisions - Project Self Life Coaching

On Making Decisions

We make many decisions each day. So what is it that makes decision making so hard? Three clients raised decision making as an area of difficulty for them this week; which has led me to reflect on what is involved in making a decision. The word decide comes from the latin for to determine. It’s also about resolving a question, finding solutions and considering ideas. When we are caught between options we have to chose one or the other but rarely neither; we don’t often get the option to decide not to decide, although we may chose to prevaricate. Sometimes…
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