On Feeling Uncertain - Project Self Life Coaching

On Feeling Uncertain

There are some things in life that are certain. Death. Change. And Uncertainty. Uncertainty is integral to change as we transition through states and experiences. It is a vital, transformational territory we have to navigate. Uncertainty in effect is a state of questioning. What will happen? How will I cope? How long will it last? Questions without definitive answers. Questions without definitive answers tend to make us anxious and uncomfortable because how can we make decisions without answers? How can we be certain we’ve made the right choice if we don’t know? Our brains are wired to keep us safe.…
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On Loss, Pain and Lostness - Project Self Life Coaching

On Loss, Pain and Lostness

Loss is the state of being deprived of, or of being without something that we once had. It’s a natural part of the cycle of change. Loss is integral to growth. Loss is also the sense of something we haven’t had in our life, where our needs haven’t been met. Where we are growing, but with the sense of absence. There is also a kind of natural loss where we lose interest, that which was so meaningful loses it’s value. We can’t maintain the keeping. We cannot keep a growing stack of treasures; collect more and more. That which is…
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ON FEELING LOST AND NOT KNOWING - Project Self Life Coaching

On Feeling Lost and Not Knowing

What does it mean to feel lost? To feel lost is to be stalled, to feel a loss of onward motion. When the wind leaves our sails, often without warning, the trajectory we were on is no longer viable; we can’t proceed. We have lost power, momentum, and with it inclination. We have no driving force, we are no longer a driver. Lost one’s way? Lost a sense of purpose? To be lost is to not know. To feel we don’t know where we are heading, to not know where to look, what to look for or how to find our way…
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On Feeling Discomfort - Project Self Life Coaching

On Feeling Discomfort

Are You Sitting Uncomfortably? Good. Then You Can Begin. In coaching, the different phases we operate in towards embracing change and challenge in our life are called the Comfort, Stretch and Panic zones. In the Comfort Zone we feel safe, as everything is familiar and routine. The danger of this is that we may not even realise we are limiting ourselves; preventing our own growth in effect. Stagnating imperceptibly. We may feel secure and unworried, but if we are not attending to our natural tendency towards growth, which gives us the sense that we are achieving something with our life, we…
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