Resistance means although a part of us wants to move forwards, another doesn’t and is pulling back, creating an internal tension or conflict.

On Feeling Resistance - Project Self Life Coaching

On Feeling Resistance

Resistance is a common response to change. We all feel some ambivalence towards change. Basically, resistance is trying to avoid uncomfortable feelings that don’t go away. It’s a little bit like knowing the truth, pretending we don’t but eventually acceding to it. It’s a time-delaying tactic until we are ready. A self-protecting, avoidant, coping strategy. And it’s entirely natural and normal. There is nothing wrong with anyone being resistant in the same way as there is nothing wrong with feeling fear. When we are resistant we are unconsciously avoiding the painful, challenging thing we don’t want to face, rather than…
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On Resistance

What We Resist, Persists. Resistance can be seen as a relationship between negative and positive energy. Some people may view resistance as strength of character. Resisting the pull of the things we know are bad for us but want anyway. A decision that reflects self restraint and control. An act of defiance and will power. What we want in that moment and a more refined capacity to step back and consider the implications. A refusal to comply or give in. Will power is perhaps more to do with not giving in, maintaining consistent actions in line with long term goals,…
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On Feeling Discomfort - Project Self Life Coaching

On Feeling Discomfort

Are You Sitting Uncomfortably? Good. Then You Can Begin. In coaching, the different phases we operate in towards embracing change and challenge in our life are called the Comfort, Stretch and Panic zones. In the Comfort Zone we feel safe, as everything is familiar and routine. The danger of this is that we may not even realise we are limiting ourselves; preventing our own growth in effect. Stagnating imperceptibly. We may feel secure and unworried, but if we are not attending to our natural tendency towards growth, which gives us the sense that we are achieving something with our life, we…
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