Feeling Uncertain

Feeling uncertain is the felt experience of not knowing, not feeling sure. It’s uncomfortable and can be scary because we don’t feel safe, yet much of our life doesn’t offer us certainty of what will happen or last, since it’s always changing.

On Finding Movement in Stuckness- Project Self Life Coaching

On Finding Movement in Stuckness

Feeling stuck is a common experience and yet there are different energies within stuckness, so it’s important to explore in depth what someone means when they describe themselves as stuck. We generally have three choices when it comes to a situation. Move away from it, towards it or to stay where we are (standing still). Moving away can be either backing away – withdrawing or contracting  – or heading away and leaving proactively. Towards can be in gentle, welcome invitation and curiosity, or pushing into/against. Staying where we are can bring different emotions depending on our attitude to the position.…
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ON LIVING IN A TROUBLING TIME - Project Self Life Coaching

On Living in a Troubling Time

We all feel the uncertainty; we are living within something that is unpredictable and indefinite in terms of the impact on our lives. It’s important that we take care of ourselves by acknowledging how we are affected by the culture that surrounds us. As we approach the season of drawing into the home, we are already challenged with our world perhaps feeling smaller or limited. Of life feeling flat. We are living through a period of constriction and lack of connection and isolation which has altered the felt experience of everyday life.  Not just in restricted freedom of movement and…
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On Blowing Things Out - Project Self Life Coaching

On Blowing Things Out

What do you when you don’t want to follow up on a plan or arrangement because you no longer feel like it? Do you feel like a flaky and non committal person? How do you feel about pre-existing commitments when you find you’re in a low energy, low mood?  When you don’t feel up to, or for, the things you thought you would? When you feel contracted, collapsed, strung out, miserable or maybe triggered or upset by someone or something and so feel disinterest, resistance or resentment towards the things you were going to do? Plans you made when you…
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On Feeling Uncertain - Project Self Life Coaching

On Feeling Uncertain

There are some things in life that are certain. Death. Change. And Uncertainty. Uncertainty is integral to change as we transition through states and experiences. It is a vital, transformational territory we have to navigate. Uncertainty in effect is a state of questioning. What will happen? How will I cope? How long will it last? Questions without definitive answers. Questions without definitive answers tend to make us anxious and uncomfortable because how can we make decisions without answers? How can we be certain we’ve made the right choice if we don’t know? Our brains are wired to keep us safe.…
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On Knowing You Can Do It - Project Self Life Coaching

On Knowing You Can Do It

Why do we need to hear the words ‘everything is going to be okay’ or ‘you’ll be fine’ from someone else? What difference can those fairly innocuous words really make? Several clients this week have voiced that they need reassurance. Clients who are making changes in their life and are standing at the point of commitment. In fact one had already taken the step they needed, but were feeling doubtful now they were standing in the new position about the unfolding challenges more tangibly ahead, whilst another needed reassurance to start taking the steps. The question behind the need for reassurance is  “Can…
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ON FEELING LOST AND NOT KNOWING - Project Self Life Coaching

On Feeling Lost and Not Knowing

What does it mean to feel lost? To feel lost is to be stalled, to feel a loss of onward motion. When the wind leaves our sails, often without warning, the trajectory we were on is no longer viable; we can’t proceed. We have lost power, momentum, and with it inclination. We have no driving force, we are no longer a driver. Lost one’s way? Lost a sense of purpose? To be lost is to not know. To feel we don’t know where we are heading, to not know where to look, what to look for or how to find our way…
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On Embracing Change - Project Self Life Coaching

On Embracing Change

Our life is not just one life but a multiple series of shorter life frames where the parameters of our life alter, and so we are different at various times in our life. It is helpful not to see ourself as one defined person. We change, life changes, things can’t stay the same; it’s the natural order and flow of the Universe. Uncertainty is a constant, as are the everyday challenges to our life and our sense of self. Clients describe having lost sight of who they are, as well as finding it hard to be who they are. Our…
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On Getting Out There - Project Self Life Coaching

On Getting Out There

The Latin root of the word adventure is ‘a thing about to come, or happen’. To adventure is to widen our horizons, to be open to events, experiences, places and people. To feel resolute in our own capacity to experience, to have flexibility and contend with challenge. It is what life offers us, whenever we chose it. When we allow and participate in the unusual. To venture, is to take a chance. An adventurous spirit summons up the image of a person who is curious; wants to explore, try new things and go to different places and enjoys and seeks…
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