On Frustration, Anger and Assertiveness - Project Self Life Coaching

On Frustration, Anger and Assertiveness

Wanting To Tell The World and Everyone In It To Fuck Off Ever gone through one of those phases where you just want everyone and everything to piss off and leave you be? Where every little exchange with people seems to be a snipe, thoughtless? Other people just wind you up? You go into town and politely ask the woman parking at the end of the bay if she could move forward so you can park behind and her and she won’t, and you think you rude, selfish, cow to yourself, or you might even say something to her through…
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On Having A Tantrum - Project Self Life Coaching

On Having A Tantrum

Do you ever get that feeling that you’d just like to have a full blown tantrum in all its childish glory? I heard a child the other day in full expression of their pain and frustration, tearfully and angrily shouting “why is everything always my fault”? It seemed so honest in its emotion. I connected with that, felt envious even. The feeling, desire and capacity to throw a hissy fit, a paddy, crying and shouting in full blood rushing freedom. Just the rawness of the pain and the unfairness of life. The desire to wail and pummel, “I’m so tired…
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On Changing Your Story - Project Self Life Coaching

On Changing Your Story

Stories are the way in which we make sense of the world, create meaning and understand our experience in relation to our surroundings and relationships. They are a combination of social-cultural and inner psychological workings. Stories can be a narrative to hold a series of events together in time, to create an account, create continuity and order complexity. They can also be a work of fiction and imaginings designed by the narrator to purvey a message to their audience. Their re-telling alters or refines their meaning, as does the context in which they are told. They may have some basis in reality,…
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On Finding Your Voice - Project Self Life Coaching

On Finding Your Voice

I have two clients for whom the voice is a central theme of the coaching exploration, for very different reasons. One wants to find their voice in the world, the other has a very strong voice to the extent that it is an important part of their identity. As a coach I have had to find my voice through being in the world in a different, more visible way. The voice is a fascinating meeting of expression, communication and emotion in sound. It is physically heard through the ears and felt through vibration in the body. It is how we…
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