Feeling Lonely

We all experience loneliness to a different degree, even when we are with others. It relates to the extent that we feel connected and belong and to how much we feel seen, heard and understood. There is an emotional continuum from being solitary, alone and the state of loneliness.

On Living Lonely - Project Self Life Coaching

On Living Lonely

Alone and loneliness are one-ness. It is just us. And the rest of the world. Even though the rest of the world is made up of us; this pain of separation can become more defining of our sense of self than the concept of unity, universality, humanity and the experience of connection. A great paradox of living is being free and seeking to be tethered. By tethering I mean moored, secured, bonded to someone, something; to be with, in or part of other. To fit. To be known. We seek to be seen by others to see ourselves. We need…
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