Month: April 2018

On Feeling Resistance - Project Self Life Coaching

On Feeling Resistance

Resistance is a common response to change. We all feel some ambivalence towards change. Basically, resistance is trying to avoid uncomfortable feelings that don’t go away. It’s a little bit like knowing the truth, pretending we don’t but eventually acceding to it. It’s a time-delaying tactic until we are ready. A self-protecting, avoidant, coping strategy. And it’s entirely natural and normal. There is nothing wrong with anyone being resistant in the same way as there is nothing wrong with feeling fear. When we are resistant we are unconsciously avoiding the painful, challenging thing we don’t want to face, rather than…
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On internal change - Project Self Life Coaching

On Internal Change

Small internal changes create greater changes in our capacity to conceive and engage with a richer life, so that the ‘change effect’ works as a kind of feedback loop. Change brings about change. 1. When we talk we voice silent thoughts. Through responding to questioning we hear our own answers, which enables greater insight. As we explore words we reform thoughts, and make new sense. 2. As we reveal, uncover and understand, we feel less overwhelmed so we feel lighter. When we feel lighter, we feel more able to move. 3. When we allow ourselves to acknowledge what we know,…
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Coaching and the Self - Project Self Life Coaching Turning point signpost

Coaching And The Self

It’s essentially human to find life challenging and to lose our way. Coaching gives you guidance and creates a dynamic relationship where someone is working with you, on your side, with no judgement. We can’t always make it alone. Sometimes we don’t know what the issues are and can’t see past our version of reality. Sometimes we know what the issues are and don’t know what to do about them. Coaching is essentially an exploration of the self. Who we are being, how we are being, both in our self and out in the world. It’s about examining the stories…
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On Feeling Uncertain - Project Self Life Coaching

On Feeling Uncertain

There are some things in life that are certain. Death. Change. And Uncertainty. Uncertainty is integral to change as we transition through states and experiences. It is a vital, transformational territory we have to navigate. Uncertainty in effect is a state of questioning. What will happen? How will I cope? How long will it last? Questions without definitive answers. Questions without definitive answers tend to make us anxious and uncomfortable because how can we make decisions without answers? How can we be certain we’ve made the right choice if we don’t know? Our brains are wired to keep us safe.…
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