Month: March 2015

ON KNOWING YOUR MOTIVES - Project Self Life Coaching

On Knowing Your Motives

It’s interesting that to question someone as to their motives seems to have a negative connotation. As if there is a sense of something underneath, undeclared and invisible that is driving the person’s behaviour towards their own ends. As if to have a motive, an end in mind, is a negative state which creates deception. When we question someone’s motives, is it because it is not clear from their actions what their intentions are, so we are concerned that things are not as they seem? Yet a motive is a creative, personal and powerful thing. It’s the source; it’s the…
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On Seeing Things Differently - Project Self Life Coaching - footsteps

On Seeing things Differently

So much in personal or self development is written on the things we need to do and be for ourselves. To be the source of our own resource. We need to learn how to and not to. To be and to do. To be in touch with our emotions, let go of our emotions and express our emotions. To breathe deeply, be balanced and appreciative. To be self aware and be calm. To let go of the past, live in the present and have visions for the future. To be still and be mindful and to have passion and find momentum. To nurture and to…
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ON FINDING BALANCE - Project Self Life Coaching

On Finding Balance

There’s a beautiful concept held in the mathematically designed Gomboc. It’s an object that self-rights itself whichever way it is pushed over. It has one point of stability and one of instability and will always return to the stable point. The shape was modelled on a tortoise which uses it’s shell to rock itself back onto its feet once it’s been turned over, and is dependent on doing so for survival. If the Gomboc was a conscious being, rather than an object, imagine what it would feel knowing that whatever forces conspired against it, it had the capacity to withstand…
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On Making Decisions - Project Self Life Coaching

On Making Decisions

We make many decisions each day. So what is it that makes decision making so hard? Three clients raised decision making as an area of difficulty for them this week; which has led me to reflect on what is involved in making a decision. The word decide comes from the latin for to determine. It’s also about resolving a question, finding solutions and considering ideas. When we are caught between options we have to chose one or the other but rarely neither; we don’t often get the option to decide not to decide, although we may chose to prevaricate. Sometimes…
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