Month: January 2015

Authenticity ON SELF RESPONSIBILITY, TRUTH & FREEDOM - Project Self Life Coaching

On Self Responsibility, Truth & Freedom

I had two thought provoking conversations recently; one with a therapist and one with a friend. The therapist was asking me what coaching is to me. The friend was talking about therapy. The first conversation raised the search for truth as a central issue. The second; freedom. Which made me reflect on the relationship between truth and freedom. Ultimately in coaching we know the client has the answer. The coach’s role is to help clients verbalise it and acknowledge it. The answer is the truth. We know our own truth but we do much to avoid it. We may not…
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On Letting Go of Stuff - Project Self Life Coaching

On Letting Go of Stuff

“One day I looked around me and realised there was no room for me in that room. I was surrounded by stuff”. I coached someone recently on what was stopping them clearing out some of their belongings, when they knew they had too much ‘stuff’. As is often the case in coaching, my client’s situation mirrored something pertinent to my own life. I have been clearing out some of my own belongings in preparation for moving house. It’s an emotional, challenging but ultimately liberating experience. A hoard of childhood mementos, photographs of old drinking buddies, collections of found and interesting…
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On Feeling Discomfort - Project Self Life Coaching

On Feeling Discomfort

Are You Sitting Uncomfortably? Good. Then You Can Begin. In coaching, the different phases we operate in towards embracing change and challenge in our life are called the Comfort, Stretch and Panic zones. In the Comfort Zone we feel safe, as everything is familiar and routine. The danger of this is that we may not even realise we are limiting ourselves; preventing our own growth in effect. Stagnating imperceptibly. We may feel secure and unworried, but if we are not attending to our natural tendency towards growth, which gives us the sense that we are achieving something with our life, we…
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