What coaching does

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  • helps you let some things out, figure some things out, and ultimately find some things out
  • reveals and resolves the underlying, outstanding and unattended
  • identifies what is preventing you from moving forward
  • creates a greater awareness, understanding and appreciation of your self and behaviours
  • establishes fresh perspective on situations
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  • highlights core issues which results in resonance and recognition
  • identifies what you need to act on, think about, change or let go of
  • illuminates a way forward and a sense of direction, enabling you to move on, adjust or make a decision
  • supports you to find resolution and motivation to make any changes you need, within your self and your life.
  • enhances a sense of freedom in your self, your positivity and your well-being
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  • there will be a transition from where you are now to where you want to be
  • your capacity to change your behaviour and take action will be enhanced
  • you will realise your own potential to live life as you would like
  • changes will often happens naturally as you start to make a shift in how you think or feel, make small changes in your behaviour or carry out even one action

The Coaching Process

Coaching is a process of exploration, focused on where you currently are in your life and what you want for your self. It focuses on ways to make change.

Through a process of insightful questioning, feedback and reflecting a coach offers perspectives whilst supporting and gently challenging you to explore and clarify your responses and thoughts within the coaching conversation and relationship. This results in you understanding yourself better, gaining insight into your situation and a shift in your mind-set. The coaching process:

  • identifies where you can benefit from acceptance, letting go, or choosing to do or react differently;
  • explores what may be holding you back such as negative self-beliefs, repeated patterns of behaviour and where these have come from;
  • prompts you to uncover what it is that you already know; so the answers come from you.
When we are no longer able to change a situation – we are challenged to change ourselves. Victor E. Frankl