Supervision Testimonials

I rarely end up talking about what I intended with Antonia…I end up talking about what’s important.


Antonia placed me at the centre of the Supervision process by remaining curious and intuitive about how I work and what questions I use to elicit creative thinking opportunity. Antonia understood well that I work with other clients, offering therapeutic counselling (of which supervision is additional and separate) yet showed an ability to steer me into remaining whole in the supervision process. This was absolutely brilliant and very liberating for me. Antonia correctly picked up on my short and inappropriate description of a client which provided me with an opportunity to further reflect on my unconscious message and transference that I may be giving to my client. This was indeed evidence of her ability to be challenging and supportive at the same time. For me I will continue to reflect upon seeing myself as one person rather than creating unnecessary boundaries within myself and clients.


Antonia’s coaching supervision was extremely helpful because it was deep, intuitive, and interactive. She opened up new horizons through her questions at the same time she was there to gently encourage and support. Antonia certainly brought a new perspective with the way I was dealing with my clients and refined my questioning technique.


Antonia was willing to patiently listen to what might sometimes have been a ridiculous or round the houses story or train of thought until she got the point or what was behind the emotion. She was very gentle in her your approach which enabled me to open up fully rather than skirt around the thought. Antonia’s very helpful observation and sense of what was my stuff and what was my client’s stuff helped me to further understand how I work and what to look out for.


I gained insight into some aspects of my work that were fuzzy before. It was most useful to be able to get that clarity and overall was the most beneficial part of the supervision for me. Antonia was able to help me tease out what I actually wanted to be presenting as a package to clients. From my confusion I got clarity and an epiphany as to what I actually offer. That was massive.


Antonia strikes a really great balance between being supportive and challenging. I found her style and tone really enabled me to think with new perspective. She has a strong presence and intuition which coupled with powerful and sometimes challenging questioning inspired me to think clearly about the direction I was taking. She also brings a practical focus in terms of thinking about how you can best work with your clients, develop your own style and consider who you are as a coach. I found the coaching supervision to be most useful in terms of providing me with a strong sense of clarity. It enabled me to question assumptions I was making about where I should direct my focus in terms of building my future business. It helped me to think clearly about the kind of coach I wanted to be and the client bases I could work with. Antonia’s strong intuition and powerful questioning style provided me with the opportunity to understand and plan my practice in a way that felt realistic, manageable and inspired.


I enjoyed and valued being challenged by Antonia. She was always respectful in the way she challenged me, and her approach was deeply insightful and helped me to grow and refine my skills as a coach. Antonia strongly encouraged self-reflection and this helped me to analyse how I was working with my clients and how I could improve. What was most helpful about supervision with Antonia was her focus on reviewing my approach and helping me to think exclusively about my clients and leaving my own ‘baggage’ at the door, i.e. when I took a specific line with a client, was this to help them arrive at their own conclusions, or was it influenced by my own experience. This helped me refine my questioning techniques, and in the case of one client in particular transformed our relationship.


Antonia provides me with the space to reflect on my practice with occasional nudges which always require me to think more deeply. She offers a good level of challenge in a fabulously supportive way and I leave each session with far greater insight into my own thinking and practice. Antonia spends time in understanding the context in which I work which enables me to work at a deeper level. I have learnt that I have sometimes been so busy trying to do the right thing as a coach that I can become quite driven and solution focused almost rushing some sessions. She has helped me remind myself that I am human and that being present with my clients and responding from that place is often the most valuable part of any session and leads to greater self-knowledge. I am gaining much in the realms of who I am and want to be as a coach.


For me, Antonia is about presence. She listens to details. She challenges details. She reflects them back. It feels like an extra brain is present to help understanding of what I’m putting out there. Antonia is not afraid to ask if there is doubt, lack of clarity or just blindness. Thank you for being there