Coaching Packages

Breakthrough Coaching

“Not knowing is the path of what’s possible”. This is a one-off single session of 1.5 hours when you are looking for resolution around a specific area or issue you are experiencing within your life. The approach is focused, intensive and targeted on helping you find clarity in order to leave the session with a feeling of being able to move on or take action. The session will enable you to work through, explore and resolve any confusion, doubt or uncertainty. You might seek this approach where you are:

  • feeling stuck, needing to make a decision, let something go;
  • want to make a change you have in mind;
  • have something on your mind that has been there for some time but you have not given it time and attention.

Depth Coaching

This is a program of a minimum of 10 weekly sessions to support you through a process of self-exploration; to make deep personal changes or take steps towards major changes in your life. This is suitable for those who want to feel more at ease in themselves or where things may no longer feel right, and you are looking for release and clarity and a different perspective. You might seek this approach where you are:

  • seeking deeper self-exploration, sense of being and acceptance;
  • feeling a loss of sense of self or lacking a positive view of self;
  • feeling a loss of way/direction, connectedness and mojo in life;
  • seeking a shift in your life or work/life balance
  • re-configuring your life after stress, illness, bereavement or major life events

Project Realisation

This 6 session package is for those who have a good idea of a practical project or freelance business they want to implement, develop or may have started, however small or big. It is designed to assist and support you to make it happen. This package is about action; identifying the vision and intent, the stages and practical steps needed to get going and get on, along with onwards commitment and review of actions, to achieve your vision. The most important element in your business is you. Knowing, understanding and accepting yourself plays a huge part in your capacity to grow and grow with your business. I know this through running my own business and working with creative freelancers and mind/body practitioners. It’s emotionally challenging. Supporting yourself, knowing your strengths, identifying and letting go of patterns will put you in a more resilient place. Suitable for those that basically need a metaphorical kick up the bum; motivation, momentum, goals, deadlines and accountability in order to move forward, as well as support and guidance to make the project become achievable.