Month: September 2023

On Making Space For Yourself

Feeling a lack of space in life is often felt through body sensations. When we feel there isn’t room for anything else or anymore we feel compressed internally, jammed up, jammed in; full. A kind of rigidity or a sense of being braced. Physically we may be tight, tense, holding our breath or not breathing fully. We may feel squashed or restricted across the chest and our throat scratchy or constricted and our jaws might feel tight. All types of holding patterns. Feeling a lack of space in life may be reflected by a lack of spaciousness internally. Without spaciousness…
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On Being Too Busy

I am not busy. This sometimes feels like a dirty secret or a guilty confession within today’s social norm. I have only just released myself from the ‘shoulding’ of busyness. A part of me has been telling myself that I should be doing more with my time, with my life. Busy means to be active and engaged, to not be ‘at leisure’.  I believe that being is also a way to be actively engaged with life. I’m one of those people who looks for the spaces between commitments in their calendar, rather than a person who likes to see they…
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On Struggling

It’s often said we don’t know what someone is struggling with, or battling with and that everyone has their own personal struggle of some kind. Clients often bring something, an issue or problem they are ‘struggling’ with. What do we mean when we say we are struggling with something? That something is hard, challenging or difficult to resolve? That we are coping with a sense of inability to do something ‘well’? That we are trying to make something happen and it’s not? That we are tangled in something and can’t find a way through because we don’t know what to…
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