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Something doesn’t feel right

Life may feel a bit meaningless. You may have lost a clear sense of who you really are. You may not be sure what you care about, where your passion lies. You may not feel engaged in, or motivated by anything.


Negative or cyclical thoughts and feelings may be disrupting or clouding you, causing confusion. You may feel flat or ineffective, without energy and purpose and not know how to move forward.


You may feel you aren’t going anywhere, you want something different or more in life, but you are not sure what.


Something needs to shift

You may need to manage or make transitions and decisions triggered through life changes and events and feel indecisive about what to do next or which direction to take.


You think you know what you want but may feel tentative about making the changes you need to make. You may think the risk might be too high or you don’t feel confident about the next steps.


You have many potential ideas and thoughts but may lack the focus and drive to achieve them. You may put-off doing things and then feel bad about being unproductive.


You have so much going on and many demands on, you may feel you are not really in control anymore. You may have difficulties saying no and put others’ needs first.


A lack of ease with others

Your patterns of behavior or communication aren’t feeling positive or serving your relationships with others. You may be feeling undermined, undervalued and defensive; reacting negatively.


You may be withdrawing from other’s invitations and social situations, feeling anxious and uncomfortable. You may be feeling lonely as a result of isolating yourself.


You may be finding it hard to communicate your feelings, or be yourself around others. You could be comparing yourself to others and worrying about what they think of you. You may feel like you don’t belong.

Live out of your imagination, not your history. Stephen R. Covey.
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