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Life in its essence is change. I find much comfort from the knowledge that nothing ever stays the same.

I am passionate that our stories can change. I love working alongside people who are really engaged in the process of self-exploration. The more I coach, the more I believe the key to changing how we experience life is feeling freer in oneself. Achieving ‘self-ease’ can be very challenging. I am always exploring the balance between being and doing, accepting and pushing myself, but I believe self-acceptance can create the deepest change in how you feel and who you are being, rather than trying to make things change.

Personally, my story changed over a number of years as a result of bereavement and redundancy, which caused me to re-evaluate my values. I spent time living day by day, allowing myself to be and exploring different activities. A problem with my back also led to me having to be still. Whilst ‘sitting in’ so much uncertainty, I realised how important our capacity to make, manage and embrace change is. I also recognised I work best in one to one relationships and that the challenge of working for myself suited my creative side. I trained as a Transformational Life Coach and found a vocation.

Professionally, following a degree in Interdisciplinary Human Studies, I started my working life with the homeless and in housing advice. I felt I need to be creative and re-trained in Interior Architecture which absorbed me, and lectured in landscape studies. I was fascinated by learning and creativity so went into arts education research and development. I then returned to the voluntary sector as a project co-ordinator in arts and wellbeing. I love being in nature and I am a creative whose main passion is creating spaces for living in peacefully and I run another practice Living Space Consultancy, focused on space coaching.

I am an Associate Certified Coach and member of the International Coaching Federation. I trained with Animas (Diploma in Personal Transformation Coaching, Distinction). Further training includes Existential, Systemic and Somatic Coaching approaches. Professional development is continuous through further courses and supervision. I am also a Coaching Supervisor (Diploma in Coaching Supervision, EMMC) and I established and run the Frome Practitioner Group for Mind and Body practitioners in 2015. I am registered with the Life Coach Directory the Life Coaching UK Directory and Find A Therapy

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